Postage printing on Mac

Endicia for Mac I currently run a small urban vinyl toy shop where we run all of the shipment processing from mac-based software.

At the moment we exclusively use USPS for all shipping (both domestic and international), and lucky for us there is some software that helps streamline that entire process.

Endicia for Mac provides an interface for calculating, weighing, printing postage, and a few dozen other things. It has probably cut package processing time in half (if not more).

What has really be fantastic is that it will fill in all the various customs forms for you instead of having to hand write it all yourself which not only helps cut down on time but helps eliminate mistakes.

We use Endicia in conjunction with a DYMO LabelWriter 400 to quickly print off postage, delivery confirmation, and address labels.

A couple of other highpoints:

  • Discounted domestic and international postage (up to 8% in some cases)
  • Automatic Address Verification – Helps avoid mistyped addresses
  • Mailing Log – Very useful when needing to find a previously shipped package
  • Bulk postage payment – Purchase your postage upfront in “bulk” instead of having to pay one transaction at a time
  • AppleScript integration

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