It was the constant commercials that got me.

IphonebackDid everyone see the four iPhone commercials during CSI: Miami or does Apple have a direct line to my HDTV? They did the trick and now I should come clean: I bought an 8 GB iPhone this afternoon. It was quite the Twitter event as well. Matt Miller said he was 90% sure he’d go back and buy one, so I issued the challenge. "I will if you will" and then the virtual race was on!

Officially, Matt bought and activated his phone before I did. To be fair: I had to travel three times as far and cover a press event. Plus, I’m three hours ahead of Seattle on the clock, so I think it’s a draw. :) Needless to say: I’ve been re-evaluating my needs for a while and the "playtime" in the Apple store last week won me over. I’ll be keeping my XV6700 and getting my Dash unlocked since it will work with the AT&T SIM. Gee, just when you thought we were done with iPhone coverage!

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