Goodbye Sally, hello C70

I am sad to report that Sally and I are no longer an item.  As happens in many relationships, Sally has recently been requiring more and more of my attention and the only thing that made her happy was to throw ever increasing amounts of money her way.  So we parted as friends and it’s no surprise it didn’t take me long to find another to make my days a bit brighter.


This is my 2001 Volvo C70 convertible that I picked up through a really good deal.  I have long admired the C70 convertibles and now I have discovered first-hand why that longing has been justified.  The C70 has a 2.3L 5 cylinder high-pressure turbo charged engine that delivers 26 mpg highway while pouring out a respectable  236 HP.  It rides like a dream and is in very good shape, inside and out.  Raising and lowering the top stops passersby every time as it is quite a show the way the top cover opens up to capture the lowering top and vice versa.  Overall a very pleasant driving experience.

I will miss Sally but have a feeling I’m going to really love the Volvo.  :)  More snaps after the jump.





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