How to Twitter From Your iPhone

You’ve gone out and bought your new iPhone. And like many of web workers, you’re addicted to the fast-paced social network Twitter (which, we’ll remind you, is useful professionally). But Twitter’s own lackluster mobile interface looks downright blah on your sexy new phone. What to do? Fear not; developers have rushed into the breach with not one, but two, dedicated Twitter clients specifically for the iPhone. presents a faux black glass user interface sized to the iPhone form factor. Large-ish buttons let you navigate around your friends and their messages, and you can post your own tweets through a text input area that pops up at the touch of a prominent button. Nothing is labeled, but it’s easy enough to find your way around if you know how Twitter works.

PocketTweets uses a more subtly shaded user interface and trades off showing fewer tweets at one time for having its functionality on labeled buttons. As with Hahlo, posting is through a textbox that pops up when you need it and hides the rest of the time. The site is smart enough to know when you’re visiting with an iPhone, and only shows the iPhone-optimized user interface when you do.

Both applications work well to access Twitter; PocketTweets seems to be undergoing more active development at the moment. And since they use the web API to send and receive messages, they won’t count against any SMS limits on your iPhone calling plan.

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