The Mouse Jiggler, like a Thigh-Master for your cursor

WiebemousejigglerWhen the Universal Serial Bus spec was first imagined, I wonder how "universal" folks thought it would be? Well, this week we’ve seen a USB Ionizer, so why not a piece of USB exercise equipment for your mouse pointer? Actually, The Mouse Jiggler as it goes by, does serve a purpose and it’s really not for your mouse to slim down and burn calories (although mine is looking a little chunky as of late).

This $30 USB device simply moves the mouse pointer or cursor on your screen every so often which is great to offset screen savers and power settings that interfere with your YouTube education. I suppose you could save the money and just move your darn mouse, but where’s the fun in that? I’m also thinking they should have named this product "Cursor Calethstetics" but what do I know; I’m out of shape….

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