Hugo explains his choice of mobile computing device


Hugo has a well-presented video explanation of why his primary mobile device has changed in the past eight months. He’s gone from a Fujitsu convertible Tablet PC to a Samsung Q1P UMPC and now uses an OQO Model 02. Have Hugo’s mobile computing needs changed? Not really, but each successive device has met his needs better and better. All in all a great example of why neither Hugo, nor I or James can tell you what the best device is: it’s completely dependent upon your mobile environment and requirements. How you use your device and what you use it for really dictates what’s "best" for you. Great job Hugo.

This video did get me thinking about a keyboard solution I hadn’t thought of. I’m quite proficient with my XV 6700 keyboard, much like Hugo is with his comparable Dopod Windows Mobile phone. Has anyone seen software that would allow you to use your phone’s keyboard with a slate Tablet PC or UMPC? I’m thinking there must be a way to do so via a Bluetooth connection and since I’m always carrying my phone along with my UMPC, it sounds like a perfect use case to me. Time to start researching the possiblities….

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