Samsung Q1 Ultra video overview: PC Pro


The Samsung Q1 Ultra is hitting the streets with at least one Origami Project forum member taking delivery as well as PC Pro in the U.K. PC Pro provides us with a three minute, thirty second first look and even hands it to some consumers on the street for impressions. I may have to do the same at Starbucks now. Of course, the expected question asked of consumers is "Could you bang out an e-mail with the little keyboard?"; hate to keep reminding folks but here’s a secret: psst….you can ink ’em with handwriting recognition just as fast (if not faster) thanks to Vista’s great handwriting recognition. Uber-secret #2: these are Tablet PCs, meaning: on the eighth day, Gates said "let there be Ink, and there was Ink". ;)

From what little bit I saw, the processor seemed almost as snappy in response in the Origami Experience as my Q1P with 2 GB of RAM, but of course, it’s way too early to tell.

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