Server upgrades and online video bill of rights

As you might have guessed by now, our server upgrade is complete. We are now using’s premium service and are thrilled to be their infrastructure.  They call it VIP hosting – we call it sleep at night. Big shout out to Barry and Chancey – the A-team of sys-magic for making it all work smoothly and porting over our inherently complex site to WP servers. Back to regular posting on Tuesday, though stay tuned for weekend posts. 

We are undergoing a server upgrade, and while it was supposed to be finished last night, it has taken a lot longer. As a result we are holding off posting new stuff till 10 am PST and hopefully everything will be working by then. Meanwhile if you are looking to read something great, here are two pieces from our network that should get your Friday off to a good start:

Online Video Bill of Rights: SnapStream emailed to point up their TV Viewers Bill of Rights, which lays out a number of guidelines that networks would be well suited to follow if they want to hold on to their audience. We came up best practices for people providing video content online, and these guidelines couldn’t apply to everyone from the lowly vlogger to vast media megalopolies. That’s the beautiful thing about bills of rights — they’re supposed to apply to everyone. Though as Sally Hemmings might have pointed out, your mileage may vary. Continue reading…

So Your Co-Worker Isn’t Your Best Friend. Now What?: What happens when your colleague is someone you just don’t like? Maybe you have very different personalities or work styles. Sometimes for whatever reason you’re stuck working with a person you would never add to your Friends list under any other circumstances. Now what? Continue reading.

Plus a bonus link: Google Calendar is now mobile via a “m-dot” page. Of course its in beta and is not as cool as 30Boxes’ mobile page. (via Geekzone)

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