Google doubles Gmail attachment limit; try these alternatives

Gmail_logoPlease try not to send me any 20 MB attachments, but if you do, you can now use Gmail. The (unofficial) Google Operating System blog says that Google’s Gmail service just increased the attachment limit from 10 MB to 20 MB, which ought to make most e-mail clients choke twice as fast now. ;) Joking aside, we mobile types aren’t too keen on getting gigunda-sized attachments, especially if we’re on a slower EDGE connection or in a  maxed-out hotspot.

While it’s nice for Google to raise limits at the e-mail poker table, here’s an alternative to sending those large attachments: try either the senduit or MailBigFile services. These freebies allow you to upload and store a large file for a pre-determined length of time up to a week. You get a URL for the file which you can then e-mail to a bud in lieu of the large attachment. This gives your mobile pal time to get to a faster or wired connection for the quicker transfer. ;)

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