Microsoft Zune getting wireless download feature?

Zune_trioBack in April, I wrote up three features that I think would make the Zune a more compelling product. If you believe in rumors, some with blurry pics, at least one of the three items might be around the corner.  Engadget has two photos showing a beta firmware build for the Zune that provides the ability to download music from open WiFi hotspots. Don’t know if it’s true, of course but I still believe the Zune team was forward-thinking by including wireless capability in the Zune. I personally have never turned on my Zune’s wireless radio because it doesn’t provide a feature I want. Now, if I could just get that XBox 360 video content on my Zune, I’d really be a happy camper. ;)

While we’re on the subject of Zune: what features would you want in ‘the perfect handheld audio/video device’?

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