A couple of months ago I made the transition from a PowerMac G5 to a 17″ MacBook Pro. Up until then I had never used a laptop in a stationary work environment and was a bit green to what sort of things would really make that […]

Griffin Elevator A couple of months ago I made the transition from a PowerMac G5 to a 17″ MacBook Pro. Up until then I had never used a laptop in a stationary work environment and was a bit green to what sort of things would really make that setup work best.

Being in the design industry I’ve had a dual-screen setup for as long as I can remember and wasn’t really looking forward to losing that. I needed a way to get my laptop up to the same level as my Dell UltraSharp but knew stacking some books wasn’t going to cut it.

Enter the Elevator.

One of Griffin Technology’s newest products, the Elevator it’s the followup to their iCurve laptop stand from a couple of years ago. But don’t make the mistake of comparing the Elevator with the iCurve. The Elevator is worlds better than the iCurve. It’s sturdier, sleeker, and just overall a higher quality production.

Having a laptop stand is really a must if you’ll be using your laptop in a stationary desk environment for any length of time.

It provides ample air circulation, keeps your laptop at a comfortable viewing height, and best of all it frees up rare desk space (I use the added space to store external harddrives.

The “arms” of the Elevator that actually do the holding have a nice, secure padding to make sure your laptop doesn’t slide or get scratches. The iCurve had the unfortunate flaw of the sticky padding wanting to fall off but that’s simply not the case here.

What is also nice about the Elevator is that it disassembles for easy packing in a suitcase for something like a business trip, if needed.

Griffin seems to have heard all the feedback (both positive and negative) from the iCurve and basically created the ultimate laptop stand. This really is a vital piece of hardware for my workspace.

The Elevator will cost you around $40.

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  1. Joshua Blount Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    One thing I will mention, being a bit of a giant (6’4″) is that my Griffin Elevator isn’t quite tall enough for me, but this may have more to do with my desk / chair combo.

    Any suggestions? (putting books underneath the stand is not a viable option!)

  2. I know you have already bought this Griffin stand, but check this out:
    There’s no way of packing into a bag, but look how cool it looks :) and think how often will you move that kind of stand. Also – this is must-have in case you own one of Apple’s Cinema Display.

    Good review though.

  3. I actually have to disagree with you. I purchased one as soon as it became available at my local Apple store. I returned it after 2 weeks because I thought the design wasn’t sturdy enough. If it were one piece instead of 3 separate pieces, I could probably live with it. My biggest gripe has to be the rubber pads on the arms. I found my Macbook systematically sliding down fractions of an inch at a time over a period of hours. Also, it had nothing to do with typing because I’ve got a bluetooth kb, and my Macbook is definitely not covered in delicious bacon.

  4. @Vinh: That’s odd about the sliding. I’ve had mine for a couple of months now and I’ve never noticed it sliding. Even if I tug at the laptop to try and make it slide…it won’t.

  5. You might also look at: http://www.laptopdesk.net/

    I own the Laptop Desk 2.0 which I use at home. If you like to move around a lot or actually put your “notebook” in your lap this one is swell.

    I also use the Ergo Laptop Riser at work. The only problem with this one is it has a pad that blocks the optical drive. You can simply lift the computer up slightly to access it, but this gets old quickly. I happened to have an external drive so I eliminated this nuisance.

    For travel the Laptop Desk 2.0 folds up nicely and fits in my Brenthaven Metro Deluxe bag perfectly.

  6. i bought one the other day from ebay and it is amazing great design .i use for djing and it think it is just great well worth the money.

  7. Just a thought… Consider that this could save your computer from a liquid spill! The computer is on the table and so is your coffee… but what happens when the coffee takes a tumble if your machine is not elevated?

  8. Two reviewers at Amazon complain of their laptops sliding off the stand. I’m wary.

  9. Josh Pigford Friday, April 27, 2007

    @Avi: That’s definitely odd. I can seriously tug fairly hard on my laptop when it’s on the stand and it doesn’t budge. I certainly can’t imagine it completely sliding off like that one guy in the comments at Amazon was saying.

  10. I wonder if the sliding off has something to do with how dirty the underside of the laptops in question are.

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