Gripe: Laptop Heat

The other day, a friend of mine was showing me something on his laptop.  He handed his Lenovo ThinkPad over to me. I prepared my hand for the expected heat and was pleasantly surprised by a physically cool laptop. This brings me to my gripe. Why can’t Apple laptops run cooler? There must be a way to not sacrifice style but still have a cool laptop.

My main computer is an Intel Core Duo MacBook Pro, and it runs so extremely hot that I use a Targus CoolPad almost every time I use my computer as a laptop. I know Apple does not call the MacBook or MacBook Pro “laptops;” Apple calls them “Notebooks.” But where do people actually use such computers?

Another quick fix to get your MacBook to cool down in a hurry is smcFanControl. smcFanControl is a piece of free software (donations are welcomed) that allows you to set the minimum speed for each fan individually. The end result is a cooler MacBook or MacBook Pro.

While using software or a physical barrier is a nice solution, the real problem is over at Apple for not creating notebook computers for people the way people actually use the products. Design is important, but not as important as usability.

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