Park Meadows Apple Store Opening Day

park meadows apple store t shirt

I got there at little after 7:15am and was greeted by this line.
pma store

Then the Apple Laptops came out – great wireless signal from the store apparently.
pma store

Then the Apple Team came out Whooping and Cheering.
pma store

And then the party began.
pma store

This was my first Apple Store opening, and it was really cool. The people are fun, and I had some great conversation with the gents around me in the line this morning. Everyone’s in a great mood and the passers-by wonder what the heck is going on. Then when they find out, they wonder what’s wrong with all of us…

When I left there was a still a line out the doors of the mall, crazy. Great new location Apple – thanks for making one so close to my home!

Let us know if you were there and what you thought of the store.

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