TAB Giveaway: Round 2

Our last giveaway was a huge success and a lot of fun…and it’s time to go at it again!

This time the prizes are bigger and better and sure to make quite a few folks happy.

The Prizes

1 – Apple TV from Apple
1 – Volt XL bag from Spire
4 – TuneFlex from Griffin
2 – ExpressCard Readers from Griffin
2- Elevator from Griffin
1 – OmniGraffle Pro from The Omni Group
1 – The Sims Life Stories from Aspyr

The Details

We’re having this giveaway to help bring some awareness to the community area of The Apple Blog. So, naturally, to win any of these killer prizes you’ve gotta get involved in the community!

The Rules

* The Giveaway/Contest ends promptly on May 15, 2007 at 11:59PM MST.
* You must make at least 20 posts to be entered. The posts should be throughout the forums…not in just a single thread.
* Posts/threads made prior to this contest do not count towards this giveaway.
* We’re randomly selecting winners. That means the more you post, the better chance you have to win. Each post is considered an entry.
* Starting a new thread is worth more “points.”
* Spamming will disqualify you.
* No purchase is necessary to enter.
* There will be 12 winners total. No more. No less.
* This contest is not eligible to any current or past writers of The Apple Blog.
* Only eligible to those with US mailing addresses (customs killed us last time, sorry).

Get started!

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