mySchoolog: for students, by students

MyschoologDownload Squad featured MySchoolog yesterday and I thought the concept was great. It’s a free, web-based organizer for students at any level of education; yes, I think even The Student Tablet PC folks might find value here. The entire application is PHP-based and uses AJAX to reduce or eliminate page loads. Students can maintain course schedules, notes (that can be shared with other students), to-do lists, grades and more. If you have a Symbian-based smartphone, you can even access all of your information directly on your phone.

Here’s what I found most interesting after a little digging: four members of the six-person MySchoolog team are teenagers! How awesome is it that these students are applying current technologies to solve an issue that they face? The two older team members are language translators, so the heavy-lifting of the coding looks to be by the students themselves. Nice….

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