Call Me Skeptical

But I didn’t know it was this simple! All I had to do was ask a friend for their PowerBook and I could’ve gotten one for free. Or not. Does anyone know somebody like this? I’m getting ahead of myself.

In case you haven’t clicked the link and read the blog post at WiseBread, here’s the idea:
If you’re looking for a new computer or some higher-end items, the claim is that while all your friends are updating their technology to the latest/greatest, all you need to do is ask and they’ll give you their old gear.

The point about old cell phones holds the most potential in my opinion. But while I’m a giving person and all, and unless I’m wrong, Apple hardware generally retains its value pretty well. Last time I gave a friend a $700-$1000 gift was….never. Guess I’m just a cheap friend – let that be a warning to all of you.

So am I wrong here, or is it really as simple as asking your friends for their old tech? What’s your experience been?

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