Quicksilver Screencast: Image Manipulation

UPDATE: Sorry, screencast URL is fixed now.

I’ve been stockpiling ideas of the gems I’d still like to show you in Quicksilver, and among them is the Image Manipulation plugin. However, a quick search shows that I [sort of] covered it about a year ago. I say sort of, because it was just the dawn of this Quicksilver screencast idea and it was poorly executed at best. So today I’ll actually show you the finer points of this useful plugin.

Quicksilver banner

Quicksilver You Manipulative Little

As a quick reference, I’m providing the Image Manipulation info examples (which are shown in the screencast) here, for quick copy/paste if you so choose to use it that way for learning purposes. Enjoy.

“fit 640×480 as jpg high progressive” – creates an image that will fit within a 640×480 rectangle
“50% as interlaced png” – creates a png with dimensions half of the original”
“x72 as gif” – makes a gif 72 pixels tall, with width to maintain the proportions

Oh, and something I failed to demonstrate in the screencast, is that you can load several images into Quicksilver at once and it will scale all of them with one command. This can be a HUGE time saver!

If you’re wondering about the CMD ESC Trigger for loading selected items into Quicksilver, check out the quick screencast setup demo here.

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