Apple Products as Collectibles

iMac G4 I’ve been eyeing a 17 inch iMac G4 for sometime now. It’s pretty expensive at around $560 at– not that much less than a brand new Mac mini.

I have thought about putting the 17 inch iMac in my guest room for use by any guests. It is a bit of a showpiece and I wonder if Apple would ever consider doing a “Classics” line. Why not re-use the designs with updated electronics?

I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people out there who would love an updated PowerMac G4 Cube.  Granted, the Mac mini is a successor to the Cube in some ways.  However, the PowerMac G4 Cube was meant to be a desktop between the iMac and the Power Mac.  It was not something less powerful than the iMac. (As an aside, the G4 Cube allowed easy access to the internal components — right now, the Mac Pro is the only easily user-serviceable desktop offered by Apple — I’d love to see a return to that ease.)

The latest rumors about a redesigned iMac state that there will not be a design upgrade to the 17 inch iMac.  It is probable that the lack of design upgrade spells the end of the 17 inch iMac.  However, it could serve as a test to see which hardware design people are willing to buy.  If the 17 inch iMac sales stay constant, maybe Apple will reconsider other old designs.

I know I am not the only one who views Apple products as collectibles.  If you have not seen Soyburger’s basement full of Macs, take a look at it over on Flickr.  There is something about the design and “hack-ability” of old Apple products like the eMate or the Newton that makes these products desirable long after their introduction.  These products are no longer state of the art, but command attention.

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