I am in Seattle for the Microsoft MVP Global Summit and while I’m not entirely sleepless between the time zone change and the Daylight Savings Time change yesterday my body was saying “time to get up” at 4:30 this morning.  While I have been awake with […]

Seattle outside my windowI am in Seattle for the Microsoft MVP Global Summit and while I’m not entirely sleepless between the time zone change and the Daylight Savings Time change yesterday my body was saying “time to get up” at 4:30 this morning.  While I have been awake with no where to go (a rarity) it’s given me some free time to muse about things so here they are in no particular order (after the jump):

It’s easy to spot the other MVPs at the various hotels and wandering around the surrounding area.  They look rather, well, geeky.  They invariably have the mandatory backpack no doubt filled with all sorts of laptops, PDAs, and other geek gear.  It’s pretty funny actually. 

When you see a group of them together in a hotel lobby or similar location they always start showing off their gear.  Sort of a “my device is bigger/ smaller than yours” ritual.

There are very few female MVPs, or at least they aren’t carrying around the gear backpacks like the guys.

Everybody asks to see the Vulcan FlipStart.  I have been asked if I brought it everywhere I go.  Then when I hand it to them they invariably comment how heavy it is.

It rains all the time in Seattle (no surprise that).  Not hard rain as a rule but a steady, heavy drizzle.  I hope all of those geek backpacks are waterproof.

The Westin hotel has a very nice desk set up with power strip, Cisco router, and everything.  Pretty much plug and play.

Downtown Seattle maintains a 4 Starbucks per city block ratio.  I’ve been to all of them.

Multiple file operations in Vista really suck.  They take 3 – 4 times longer than in XP.

The DST patch has broken the ability to sync my Dash to the P1610. Again.  I had to manually open up 6 ports in the OneCare firewall to get it working before and after applying the patch I get the old “can’t talk to the server” error, even though the ports are still open in OneCare.  I had no other DST related issues with the patch, although the server at my wife’s office is going a little crazy this morning.

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  1. Hey James,
    Being from Washington, I can suggest one of my favorite pastimes while visiting Seattle (just missed you, I was there about a week ago). Stand on any central downtown corner and count the number of Starbucks visible or known to be within the 4 square block area. One can almost feel the Fist of Schultz slowly closing in.

    And hey…if you haven’t seen it elsewhere, catch the “Bodies, the Exhibition” show at 800 Pike. Weird and fascinating. As featured in Casino Royale.

    Enjoy a beautiful city.
    t lewis
    (next time you’re in WA…lemme know)

  2. So you’re sleepless and you’ve hit every Starbucks in Downtown Seattle? Might be a connection there. Perhaps the blender noise and loud music are keeping you up. ;p

  3. Its been a cool winter up here this year so the blender noise hasn’t really been that pronounced in the Starbucks.

    If you get a rental car be careful of 3rd avenue. You get one block during rush hour before you have to turn or they give you a ticket (the bus tunnel is closed for upgrades and they want the street clear for busses.)

    The Crossroad’s Cinema on 156th just re-opened half their theaters after extensive upgrades. 300’s battle scenes were awesome on their brand new speakers/screen/projectors. The Crossroad’s Cafe in the Crossroad’s Mall food court has a large counter you can setup your laptop on, 4 wifi networks to choose from and 10 for 1 United Airmiles. And a Starbucks a few steps away. :-)

  4. HAHA…good one Sumocat!!


  5. Don’t Panic! Monday, March 12, 2007

    I resisted brining a backpack but I did bring a laptop case. After wandering around the Pioneer Square area yesterday I stopped carrying it.

    Will you be bringing the FlipStart to the dinner tonight? I want to see it!

  6. James Kendrick Monday, March 12, 2007

    Sumocat, AreyouimplyingthatIhaveconsumedtoomuchcaffeineandthat’stherealreasonformysleeplessnes? Ithinkyou’rewrongaboutthat.

  7. James Kendrick Monday, March 12, 2007

    Don’t panic, I probably will miss the dinner tonight but I won’t be bringing any gear if I do make it. I’ll have it the rest of the week so if you see me standing around just come right up.

  8. Don’t Panic! Monday, March 12, 2007

    Drats! Maybe tomorrow then.

  9. Chris Magnusson Monday, March 12, 2007

    I dunno if this actually works (I also manually configured all the ports and everything) but in OneCare, under Settings -> Firewall, there is a Firewall Connection Tool button that has ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Centre listed as one of the connections that you can have the Firewall Connection Tool set up for you. That may save you manually opening up six ports in the future. ;)

  10. James Kendrick Monday, March 12, 2007

    chris, unfortunately this didn’t work originally and you still had to open up the 6 ports.

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