Need a LapDawg for your notebook?

LapdawgJulie has a review of the LapDawg wooden laptop stand and it looks as though it helps keep the heat away from you. Most lapdesk accessories I’ve used often transfer the notebook’s heat to my lap, but the LapDawg is fully adjustable and actually never touches your lap. It looks like it could double nicely as a desk stand as well. According to Julie, it takes just a few minutes to set up the LapDawg using the wooden legs and the attached wingnuts. Adjustments are made in 5-degree increments, so there should be a configuration for just about everyone. One downside: you’ll lose easy access to the front of your notebook base, so if you have hardware buttons, memory card slots or front-loading optical drives there, this could be a deal-breaker. If not, $80 keeps an egg from frying on your lap.

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