CompUSA announced this week they are shuttering over 50% of their retail stores in the US, much to the dismay of geeks everywhere.  I decided to swing by my local CompUSA to see if they are one of the stores closing and got my answer before […]

Compusa logoCompUSA announced this week they are shuttering over 50% of their retail stores in the US, much to the dismay of geeks everywhere.  I decided to swing by my local CompUSA to see if they are one of the stores closing and got my answer before I even pulled into the parking lot.  They’d hired a guy to stand out at the street holding a big sign that said “Everything in the store up to 20% off”.  Yep, sure enough they are closing my local branch down.  I asked one of the workers when they are closing and he said they don’t know, they’ll keep open until everything in the store is gone.  I looked around and everything is pretty much 10 – 20% off so if you’re looking for some pretty good deals check your local CompUSA and see if it’s shutting down.

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  1. I just scored a UX280P w/ Vista on it for 20% off retail. My local store (Encinitas, CA) is 20% off everything, including the clearance rack. Even the nice Apple stuff is 20% off. I’m waiting for the 30 ~ 40% off before I pick up a new, black Apple laptop…

    Here’s some irony for you, though. When I bought the Sony they offered me a 3 year extended warranty (also for 20%) which prompted me to ask if they’d still be around in 3 years to honor it. I was told by the store manager that they’re closing half their stores now, but hoping to recovery and stay afloat as a company. However, there “are plans to honor warranties even if corporate files for bankruptcy”. That doesn’t sound too promising to me…

  2. They have already removed all the closing stores from the “store locater” feature on the CompUSA website. That makes it easy to quickly check online to see if your local stores are closing, assuming you already knew what stores were in your area (or by comparing to the yellow pages listings…)

    It looks like they are getting out of some of the largest markets entirely. They are closing all of the stores here in the Los Angeles area.

  3. No deals here in Pittsburgh! Ours is the only store staying open in the entire state of Pennsylvania, What i don’t understand is the store at King Of Prussia is closing. Those that don’t know PA wouldn’t know but KOP is shopper mecca with the 3rd largest shopping mall in the us there possibly the world but at least the us, and its also the largest east of the Mississippi. Strange!

  4. MathProfJohnson Friday, March 2, 2007

    WOW… the KOP store??? That is one of my favorite places to shop. I wonder if any are closing in Dallas since that is corporate!

  5. MathProfJohnson Friday, March 2, 2007

    Ok, WOW they are closing the Chicago downstore and the stores in Detroit and Ann Arbor, but the one here in Lansing remaining open. The website is showing MacBooks on sale for pickup for $698-$798 but I can’t find the stores they are available at. I may have to head out in the morning to one of the closing stores to see what they have.

  6. The store in Arden (Sacramento, CA) is 10-20% off everything. Apple products are 5% off.

  7. You can see a list of their closing stores at the following URL: http://www.compusa.com/locations/closing_stores.asp

  8. Kevin C. Tofel Saturday, March 3, 2007

    Yikes! King of Prussia too? I’m right between the KoP store and the Montgomeryville store and BOTH are going bye-bye. I don’t mind scoring some good deals now, but after these stores close, I’m stuck with Best Buy and Circuit City for my instant gratification computer needs…doesn’t sound too appealing. ;)

  9. Ditto. I live 5 min from the Montgomeryville store so I’ll be hunting later today. I pretty much do all my shopping now at Best Buy so I’m not really affected by this too much.

  10. I stopped in my local (Roseville, MN) CompuUSA (closing) today. The sign holders all had upto 20% of signs.Many things were not 20%, games (pc, mac and console) 10%, mac 5%, desktops and laptops varied between 5 – 20%.

    I was interested in a Nokia N800 which was 20% off, $399 or $319. That was a fantastic price; the young soon to be unemployed employee said there was only the floor model but it was also $319. I asked to talk with the manager if they were willing to reduce the price since it has been just shy of 2 months with people playing with it and got a “we don’t have the ability to adjust any prices” at the store level.

    Personally I thought it was a bunch of hooey and goes to show why CompUSA is going out of business.

    Good luck finding deals, mine I think my deals are coming from NewEgg and Tiger (sans rebates).

    PS my conspiracy side was thinking that these were purchased by employees and will be on ebay soon as NIB for a tidy profit.

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