1. Eric Hamilton Thursday, March 1, 2007

    I’ve been eagerly anticipating TagBot and Pete from BigRobotSoftware was kind enough to alert me to its availibility early this morning. I’ve been playing around with it for the better part of the morning and it definitely blows the roof off of other tagging methods. The ability to look at the pool of your tags definitely keeps me more organized and does away with problem duplicate tags such as “apps” v “app” etc. The interface is quite elegant and the ability to drag & drop files for tagging is a nice option to have. I’ve been using Quicksilver to tag my files for several months and TagBot will definitely replace QS in that regard. One last note; TagBot prepends tags with the ampersand in the same fashion as I had set up in QS which makes the transition seamless.

  2. Chris Pickett Thursday, March 1, 2007

    I kind of posted this in the screencast thread, but you may not have seen it, or had an answer…

    Basically how do you deal with tags that have a lot of files associated, say 100+, in the folder hierarchy world you can make subfolders, but I haven’t found a way to make “sub-tags”, or I guess more to the point use multiple tags to find a file. Is there anyway to do this, or even a related tag feature?

  3. Maybe I’ve missed it in an earlier screencast, but is there a way to bulk delete all Spotlight comments from a group of items? I’d like to rework the way I use metadata and want to start from a clean slate. Google turns up nothing and I’ve tried creating a workflow in Automator using the “Add Spotlight Comments” action and replacing rather than appending a single space, but that doesn’t work either.

  4. Chris:

    I’m not sure that you’re asking your question with regard to TagBot, or with regard to Quicksilver’s tagging functionality, but I’ll just throw this out there either way…

    I think what you want to do is to apply multiple tags to your files. So if, say, you were organizing a bunch of photos, you might apply a tag called “vacation” to all your photos that came from any vacation. Then you’d apply a tag called “Paris” to any photos from Paris, regardless of whether they’re from your vacation or not.

    Then, when you want to find your Paris vacation photos, you’d select the “Paris” tag and the “vacation” tag in TagBot, then hold shift while double-clicking them. When you do this, TagBot will find for you all the photos you’ve tagged with “Paris” and “vacation”.

    The effect is similar to if you’d had a folder called “vacation”, and it contained a sub-folder called “Paris”, and you kept your Paris vacation photos in there. But the thing is, tagging is a much more flexible way to organize, because what if you also want to organize based on the year in which your photos were taken? Would you keep your “Paris” folder inside your “2006” folder? What if you wen to Paris in 2006 and 2004? Sure, you can just keep two folders called “Paris”, one in each year, but that can get to be a hassle if you want to find all your Paris photos, regardless of the year.

    If you’re using tagging to organize, you just tag your 2006 photos with the “2006” tag, and the 2004 photos with the “2004” tag. Then if you want to see your Paris photos from 2004, you ask TagBot to show you files with the “2004” and “Paris” tags. And if you want to see all your Paris photos, you just ask TagBot to show you all files with the “Paris” tag.

    To summarize, I think your best bet is to apply multiple tags to your files in cases when you’d be putting your files into sub-folders if you were organizing by folder. I’m sure this system would work with Quicksilver as well as it would with TagBot, but TagBot makes it pretty easy to see all your tags and select the set of tags you want to access.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Chris Pickett Thursday, March 1, 2007

    I guess it was more of an “in general” question. I understood multiple tags, but other than creating a smart folder and specifying multiple comments, I couldn’t come up with a quick way of nailing it down farther. I’ll try TagBot out, that sounds like exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  6. Hi again Chris,

    If you have a copy of Meta, you can use it to edit Spotlight comments for multiple files at the same time. Just select the files you want to clear Spotlight comments from in the Meta search results pane, then right-click and select “Edit Spotlight Comments”. Once the Spotlight Comments window pops up, you can clear the comment field and click OK.

  7. I’ve really enjoyed all your metadata posts. They’ve been really informative & have made me get into tagging in a big way.

    You ideas sound great. I hope someone with more brains than me can get it up & running.

    TagBot looks good, kinda similar to Punakea. Looks like both have their plus & minus points points:

    I really like the context menu plugin for TagBot but it looks like it should have an ‘Add New Tag’ option.
    I like the fact that it uses the ‘&’ prefix rather than Punakea using it’s own tagging characters method (although you’ll be able to choose in the future).
    I like the way in Punakea that you can drag a tag off the tagging window & it’ll create a smart folder on the desktop. I think that feature would be welcome in TagBot (I found a sort of way of doing with this with the smart searches brought up with Quicksilver. If you click on the smart folder icon in the title bar (next to the name of the tag) & drag it onto the desktop it creates a smart folder for the search).
    Would be nice if you you dock the tag palette to the edge of the screen & show/autohide it when needed (a la Punakea).

    Thanks again for the series!

  8. Hi Jono,

    It’s not very obvious, but in TagBot you can save a tag or set of tags as a Smart Folder by right-clicking on the tag(s), then selecting Save As Smart Folder. But the other stuff you suggest sounds interesting. :)

  9. “In The Apple Blog Community, one super smart user had the idea of using GeekTool to keep track of his tags generated from within Quicksilver.”

    I wouldn’t go that far, but thanks.

  10. Charlie Sorrel Friday, March 2, 2007

    Wowee Zowee!

    This is sweetness indeed. Especially the ‘hidden’ feature you pointed out in the comments up there for ‘AND’ searching by shift clicking.

    OK. I have been using the ‘@’ to perpend, and my QS tags all use this. I want to go over the ampersand now. Any idea on how to do this? I could do it manually without too much hardship, I guess, but it’ll take an age as I have 124 tags set in QS.

    Still and all, TagBot looks like a keeper. I’ll give it a few days but I can see 20 bucks winging it’s way to you pretty soon.

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