$10 wok replaces $20k satellite dish, transmits signal 20 km

Wok_tvI like to save money as much as the next person, but Ken Jones from New Zealand takes the prize for the best bargain. Ken works for television station 45 South, and determined that the station didn’t need to spend $20,000 for a satellite dish to transmit when a cheaper alternative might be found. A little bit of mathematics and some shopping at a local store provided the answer: substitute a $10 wok for the $20,000 dish!

"The $20,000 for a commercial link was just money we didn’t have, so webought several woks from The Warehouse instead which was convenient andcheap," Jones says. Kiwis in the local area: just tune your wok, er dish to UHF channel 41 to catch your local television. Rumor has it: you can eek out a little more signal gain by attaching chop sticks to your dish in the form of rabbit ears. ;)

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