Weekend Choice: A-Rod or Jeter?

Spring training has kicked off, and so have the pointless controversies. The biggest one thus far involves Alex “Confessions” Rodriguez who is admitting to anyone who would listen to him that he and Derek Jeter are not as close as they once were. The fact A-Rod is married and has a kid and Jeter is a single-ready-to-mingle, should indicate that the two are not close.

Nevertheless, both are great players. Derek “Ice-man” Jeter is a winning captain. A-Rod is one of the best, if not the best hitter in the game. Both have hefty contracts, and are upstanding Baseball citizens – that is they are not Barry Bonds.

The question of the weekend: if you were to pick a start-up that had all the qualities of Derek Jeter, which one would that be? Similarly, who is the A-Rod amongst all start-ups? Let us also know why you think so, in either case.

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