Microsoft and DivX Eyeing Revver?

Greg Sandoval over at C/Net reports that Microsoft recently took a tour of Revver’s offices on Sunset Boulevard shortly after Microsoft’s own late entry into the web video market, Soapbox, went live. While Valleywag seems convinced Revver is a cold case like the Elizabeth Short murder, I’m not so sure. To pick a nit with the following passage from Sandoval’s article:

What these companies find attractive is Revver’s ability to embed ads into video files and track when the ads are watched, say industry insiders.

soapbox_divx_revver.jpgThese “industry insiders” must never have coded a ‘Get URL’ actionscript command in Flash, much less Quicktime — an easy way by which Revver can send all the necessary tracking data as a simple GET query to the server. But then this sounds like a deal between VCs eager to roll up their investment and big players eager to purchase some credibility. Hopefully, it won’t negatively affect the rank and file toiling away on Sunset Boulevard.

If I were counseling possible investors in Revver, I would argue that their value is in the community of content creators and production professionals they bring to the table — not their advanced technology, per se. What Microsoft would really be purchasing is a development team that built the Revver API to enable publishers. Not a bad thing, at the right price.

Update: CEO Steven Starr says Revver’s not for sale.

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