On the Road with The Walkstars

Megan over at Valleywag tipped us off to a project from Meetro‘s co-founder Paul Bragiel’s brother, Peter Bragiel called “The Walkstars.” Peter and his friends Josh and Sean are taking a week off and walking from Los Angeles to San Diego. That’s right, walking.

“It is definitely not LA to walk — it’s like taboo,” Peter quipped on the phone from CompUSA in Long Beach where they were shopping for a memory card reader.

“This new form of travel video blogging — live, so that people can kind of join us,” he suggested. For instance, Peter’s brothers Paul and Daniel are currently accompanying the trekkers in a show of “brotherly love,” and anyone following the show can leave comments on the blog to send suggestions and support. They’ll probably get your messages tonight when they hope to arrive in Huntington Beach.

The walk will primarily follow the Pacific Coast Highway. Where are they staying? Well, they’re not entirely sure, and are looking for suggestions. Each night, while everyone rests their sore feet, Peter’s busy editing and posting the video.

“I’m an actor. Mostly I’ve been enjoying making my own stuff with my video camera,” Peter told me, but he’s also “always been a walker.” He and his brother Daniel had the idea about a year ago, first to document a walk across the country, then between San Francisco and Los Angeles and finally the shorter trip through the nearly uninterrupted suburban sprawl of the Southland. They’re planning on covering over 20 miles a day for a week.

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