1. I’m sure you’re disappointed that the first comment isn’t about the contents of the screencast (don’t worry, it was ver helpful), but what I’d really like to know about is that desktop background. I’d love to grab that…


  2. Haha, that’s alright. I’m getting used to the comments often being about my setup.

    The wallpaper is something I expanded from the smaller graphic that was used as the background in this Adium Message Style, by Dimitry.

    It’s sorta like the veer.com wallpaper I’ve had in the past (seen in previous screencasts) but I like the slight change-up in design of this look.

  3. Thanks, I’m really enjoying your screencasts, & you’ve already got me hooked on tagging. (In fact I couldn’t wait for this screencast so I already went out & looked into how to tag with Quicksilver as well as using Default Folder X).

    I’ve tried to use TagBag on 2 different Macs but can’t get it running. (Doesn’t show tags, uses a lot of CPU & end up having to force quit it).

    Punakea looks promising so I’m looking forward to new features in that in the future.

    Thanks again & keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for the screencast – I’ve really enjoyed the whole metadata series.

    Is there a way to find all the untagged files in my Documents folder?

  5. Highest praise for Quicksilver and anyone who helps others use it. That means you Nick.

    A potential problem that I will soon run into (as my amount of tags increase) will be the Quicksilver Tagging Module’s lack of alphabetization. The tags don’t seem to be listed in any order. Is there any trick to fixing this little oversight?

    Another question about your setup. In the video it looks as if your QS bezel has a brushed metal look. Is that accurate or just some video artifact?

  6. I started using Quicksilver to tag my files but then I found I could still list the tagged files via QS but when I used ‘get-info’ on the files, the comment wasn’t in the spotlight comment box. Any idea as to why? Has this happened to anyone else? I’m also having the same problems with TagBag as Jono – it doesn’t work and I have to force-quit it. This is quite the tragedy, as it seems like just what I’ve been looking for in the past.

  7. Nick. Great webcast. This is precisely the workflow that I’ve been using for the past six months with the QS tag plug-in.

    Off-topic: what is the app does the robot represent in your menubar?

  8. One thing I can’t replicate in the screencast…

    I invoke Quicksilver & type ‘tags’ to show the File Tags (Catalog). Then right arrow to show the list of my tags, but when I right click on an actual tag nothing happens. In your screencast it displays all files tagged with that tag name (searches the tag).

    I’ve looked at any possible actions I that should possibly be checked & all seems fine. Maybe it’s becuase the catalog isn’t set to to search my whole home folder? (unlimited folders deep)

  9. Fantastic screencast and one that has actually encouraged me to organize beyond just folders, seeing how simple it actually is.

    For some reason though, I cannot replicate the behavior in Quicksilver, where the file that you select is embedded when you invoke Quicksilver.

    Basically, when I click on the file and then use my Quicksilver hotkey, I get a blank Quicksilver box. Is there a preference that I do not have enabled which is causing this?

  10. I second the problem that Jono mentioned above. I can see the list of tags in the catalog, but using the right arrow does not show the files with that tag, as it did in your screencast.


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