MSN, IMified, break up on Valentine’s Day

It is not often that folks from Web Worker Daily give a new web-service enthusiastic thumb-up. And when they do, I take note and follow their progress. Take IMified, which looks like a pretty clever idea that allows you to use your IM chat client to add “notes, reminders and even blog entries to a website or supported services.”

It works with Basecamp, Google Calendar, Remember the Milk, 30Boxes or Backpack. I took WWD’s advice and now I am addicted to this service and often send reminders and to-do-list items via the IM client on my Nokia E61. Till recently, the service worked with all IM services, but today there seems to have been a break-up: IMified no longer works with Microsoft Messenger. Why?

The IMified team explains on their blog:

After a week of back and forth emails with Microsoft trying to get our screen name to appear online to more than 1000 users at a time, we’ve been told no. The limit with MSN occurs when over 1000 screen names request presence for our screen name at any given time, meaning that if your not one of the lucky 1000, our screen name will appear offline to existing users and new users cannot be added to our buddy list.

While one feels their pain, I think it is hard to wrong Microsoft because they have to worry about millions of users. I think IMified guys should send Microsoft a valentine, a bouquet of dozen roses and a nice bottle of Napa Valley’s finest. Maybe that will help them overcome the problem. And if that doesn’t help, well there is always AIM, Yahoo and GTalk.

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