Am I the only blogger looking back on the last two months and thinking… What the hell are Apple and Microsoft doing to each other? I don’t care about who started it first, that can go all the way back to 1983 and there is still […]

Am I the only blogger looking back on the last two months and thinking…

What the hell are Apple and Microsoft doing to each other?

I don’t care about who started it first, that can go all the way back to 1983 and there is still no answer. It has to stop, and Steve and Bill made up once before:

Now here we go again, and it seems someone out in this community of geeks has to call them out.

I can remember wanting to run Netscape on Windows 98 and having problems every time an Internet Explorer update came out (I try not to dwell on the past, so if no one else remembers the fued let me know). So this is small in comparison to what I’m about to reflect on. The so-called browser wars were a battle; Apple and Microsoft are eternally enemies that can paradigm shift a whole industry. Are you ready?

First, let’s talk about the MOAB project. The idea of the project, as disputed as it is, isn’t relevant really. Even more so, Apple responded as well as others in a very timely manner to the posts. So I tip my hat to the community for eyeing this project and taking care of business professionally. Is it just too strange that MOAB would run shortly before Macworld and end shortly after Vista’s release? Add fuel to the fire, Mr. Gates seems to have this in his warchest for the smear campaign on OS X. Sorry Bill if your top men are gooey eyed over Mac OS X, the iPod, and who knows what else hasn’t been released in Iowa. I seem to recall Gates talking a lot about the SCO-IBM case and smearing Linux then, and look what turned up there.

The most damaging of evidence is from Mr. Gates directly, where he demonstrates little confidence in his statements.

Not so fast there Macheads, Apple (And ultimately its board) are just as guilty of tossing sand in a sore eye. Frankly if you’re familiar with The Art of War then watching this saga is brilliant execution of marketing warfare. That doesn’t give Apple the green card to let PC users know how annoying Vista’s security system is to use. Bu bu but, it does say at the end that Macs are better because they aren’t annoying. Come on, we know that’s not true. No one will ever make a computer that isn’t annoying somehow. So Apple, while your ads are hilarious and it seems Microsoft is feeding you material, ever since kindergarten it wasn’t nice to point out others weaknesses.

iTunes users have to wait on upgrading, though it does seem suspiciously like we’re revisiting the Netscape problem again. Hmm, iTunes for Windows was released October 16, 2003, and a few months prior Microsoft announces major DRM features in “Longhorn” aka Vista. Would I dare suggest Microsoft managers were guided to utilize their plans for the ultimate Apple showdown?

Absolutely not, that would be anticompetitive. Yet, I look at all these events and I have to scold these companies before Macheads and Windows Users suffer a stalemate together. One piece of advice for these two schoolyard bullies battling for swing set supremacy. Get over it Microsoft, work together like you did in 1997 – like you promised the industry. Apple, you know you’re doing good right now and leading the way. Stop throwing it around because you’re not even close to being on top. This is why Apple can’t be a big company, arrogance knocked them down once before and history can repeat itself. This is very much the same reason we are seeing Microsoft stumble over themselves. Both companies have a lot to contribute; a pissing contest isn’t productive or a contribution. It’s just fun to watch.

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  1. What a great video, I’d never seen that before. I’ve only been part of the Mac community for just over a year now, so I am still amazed by the level of deep resentment that lies with Microsoft. I spent about 15 years using Windows before jumping ship, so I can dislike with knowledge of what the system is like- but I wouldn’t boo the name whenever it was mentioned.

  2. The conflict between Windows and Apple is pretty amazing to watch. I switched about 18 months ago with only 5 years on PC before then (slow to get on the computer boat).

    The tension that began between me and Windows users was strange. Nothing harmful, but it’s funny. Is there some sort of inferiority/superiority complex that is born when different OS users occupy the same space & time? Even my dad, a PC consultant for 25 years, exhibited some defensiveness when I mentioned being interested in consulting Mac users.

    This attitude naturally exists between Mac and Microsoft. It’s like the Autobots and Decepticons, Seinfeld and Norman, and whatever other arch-nemesi (plural for nemesis?) you can think of. We should just make our best of it, have a good laugh, stop a few punches, and have fun with it all.

  3. Apple is indeed the little guy — which is *why* it can still take jabs at Microsoft. If they were indeed the market leader, and not just the idea-leader, then there would be no real rivalry to speak of.

    Windows, owning 85%+ of the marketshare (or whatever it is) should just brush it off, and ignore it completely. The defensiveness of Windows people nowadays is what makes poking at them so fun.

  4. Very good point todd. We are all so tired of the seemingly silly fights.

    No one is winning and we are paying.

    I don’t care. In the end I switched to Mac because it made sense. When and if, Apple get too big, guess where I’ll end up? Linux with probably Unbuntu.

    So get over it. We all know the best OS was BeOS and neither Apple nor, don’t laugh now, Windows came close.

    But indeed, it is very tiresome…

  5. IMHO: The difference between Gates going on a news interview and slandering the competition and Apple making a commercial poking fun at the competition is humor. Apple’s commercials are entertaining and meant to be humorous. Apple is giving you a choice to laugh with them or not and even if you chuckle it doesn’t mean you are sold. Gates presents his ideas as fact in a medium we are all supposed to take seriously. So you tell me, which is worse? Someone saying something embarrassingly true about you in a joking way or someone lying about you in complete seriousness?

    Besides I never liked that kid in kindergarten who couldn’t laugh at himself, even once in a while.

  6. It was great to see that video again. And how timely it is as well.

    Listening to Steve, at what was probably one of his most defining moments of true leadership, completely wraps in a nutshell why Mac users are so passionate. He is one of us. We are him.

    The only speech I have ever seen or heard him make that is as equally powerful is the one he made at Stanford graduation a short while back after his illness.

    Not to throw out the wet rag, but when has anyone from Microsoft delivered this strong of a message. Heck, how many companies period can do this?

  7. Stop throwing it around because you’re not even close to being on top. This is why Apple can’t be a big company…

    You want them to become a big company and be on top? You want crappy customer service and Dell-quality hardware? I’m completely comfortable with Apple right where they’ve always been, making the best hardware and software around. It’s used to often, but they are the Porsche of computer companies, and I sure as hell don’t want to drive a Ford.

  8. I’m curious what innovations has Microsoft contributed to computing?

    I know there are things claimed to have been invented here (@MS) but when I look into them, they have all turned out to have been done before by others. Some have been popular products many have been ideas but not yet commercially successful and a few just patented or applications that we used. I also understand some are ideas submitted and apparently rejected by us but later used.

    The culture is one of saying we are the innovators but knowing we are following and hoping our customers don’t figure it out.

  9. I remember when I started to test Linux back in 96 (I think) and through the years up to around 2004 people kept telling me that Linux was bad for the PC and it didn’t work like Windows etc etc.
    Oh and one PC store where I live, the owner said that Linux could and would damage my harddrive… hmm yeah right.

    Now that I mention I’m using a Mac, Windows and Linux people look at me in a funny way not sure what to say more then “oh mac looks nice, linux seems to hard, I know windows!!” and yet they don’t _know_ windows. They game on windows, nothing else.

    I will probably never leave any of these systems, but if I do it will probably be Windows. The costs are getting too high and I always want the best of the product I buy (Vista Ultimate edition this time).

    When I’ll buy Leopard its almost 1/5th of the price of Vista Ultimate and yet I get a “better” system.

    Oh and yeah, when I just mention that I use a mac the most common thing to say is “it doesn’t work like windows” and “you can’t play that many games on it”. Rant over…

  10. this is not about MS & Apple.. Think Different

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