Joost for Mac, Alpha today, Beta next week

All right Macheads, we got some seriously good news for you. Starting today at 8 PM GMT, which is about 12 noon in Silicon Valley, Joost is going to open its website to 100 NewTeeVee readers who have an Intel powered Mac and let them have an alpha version of Joost for Mac. You need to be registered on their website to get access to the alpha software.

Once you have tested and given your feedback, the company is going to release the beta product for rest of Mac users. Just to point out, I am personally in the queue as well, so I am right there with you in the line, waiting for my alpha software as well.

In addition, the company has just released an updated version of their Windows client and includes all the fixes relating to “local configurations, firewalls and virus scanners, fixed crashes, added local support – all the way to user interface tweaks such as better fonts. ” There are several other changes to the software as well.

Update: Yes, we know it is past 12, but the page has not opened yet. We will post here as soon as we’re alerted by Joost that it has opened.

Update #2: This is a link to the download file. You need to be logged into the Joost website to download it and it’ll go away after around 200 hundred downloads.

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