Camino, getting brisker and better

Long time readers know that we are unabashed fans of Camino, (or as we like to call it) the smarter browser choice for OS X users.

caminologo.jpgBased on the Mozilla core, Camino behaves much better on OS X than its more universally known elder brother, Firefox. Camino is optimized and built only for Macs, while Firefox has to please a lot of people.

Well, Camino is about to get a whole lot better…. and brisker of course.

I have been using the nightly latest available release of their upcoming Version 1.1 alpha and have been thrilled with it. The browse-performance seems to be faster, and the resource utilization is smarter. Some of the new features that make the “alpha” so cool: spell checking (already part of Firefox), single window mode, bookmarks back-up, session saving, and the best of them all: portable Camino that you can put on a USB stick and take it to go. (The complete list of new features is on their website.)

Firefox users have enjoyed all these luxuries for a while, and good to see them come to Camino. The spell check feature makes it easy to write blog posts inside of WordPress. [GigaOM readers know my propensity for making frequent spelling mistakes, especially when supply of good coffee runs out :-) ]
Since I was quite impressed with the software, I emailed Camino developers, Samuel Sidler and Mike Pinkerton, congratulating them on the progress they had made. The Camino-ites emailed a reply, letting us know that the beta is around the corner – maybe in a couple of weeks.

“Though we haven’t numbered it this way, I think our 1.1 release is more like a 1.5 release,” Sidler wrote. To this we say, not only it is brisk, its better too! Download the nightly and see it for yourself.

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