1. I find it a lot easier to use a note-organizing application with tags, so everything’s in one place, although I haven’t exactly settled in on one yet. It’s amazing how Quicksilver can be so integrated into everything you do.

  2. I tried the “metadata only” filing method for a while and ended up drifting away from it because it was too difficult to do even modestly complex searches in Spotlight (e.g., (tag1 OR tag2) AND (filetype1–especially if it’s not one of the types that you can do a kind: search for in Spotlight)). I’d be very interested in what kinds of 3rd party utilities are around to simply Spotlight search constructions.

  3. Just today I found 2 very interesting freeware/open source apps for OS X metadata- SpotMeta and Punakea:


    SpotMeta is not as slick, but allows you to create new metadata fields that are recognized in both Spotlight and Smart searches. Not just plain text either- you can create date fields, drop down lists, etc. Punakea uses the existing Spotlight comments field, but adds its own nifty touches too.

    Looking forward to seeing this whole series!


  4. I know a better solution: http://www.inuron.com/movies-intro.html, it even allows you to have access to your data over the internet, with seamless itunes integration (http://inuron.blogspot.com/2006/11/for-itunes-lovers-only.html)

  5. Soory about this, url should have been: http://www.inuron.com/movies-intro.html

  6. [...] organize your filing system using spotlight and metadata, effectively ditching hierarchical filing.read more | digg [...]

  7. Johan:
    Very nice looking app, which I saw some time ago.
    But they are charging €29 for a *beta*! What’s more, there’s no demo.
    So you have to pony up 30 bucks up front, with no idea what you will get, apart from few video clips.

    Can I interest you in some snake oil?

  8. Could you show how to do quick and easy tagging with Quicksilver as well as something like Yep (used to be free).

    I have been scanning for months, have tons of PDFs, but can’t find an easy way to go through them, tag them and move them so I know they have been tagged. A workflow if you will

  9. I am very excited about this method of organization. For the past few weeks I have been experimenting with various “notetaking” apps such as Journler, Yojimbo, and Devonthink. For my purpose (getting organized) I think leveraging OSX’s built in metadata support will be a much more elegant solution.

    I currently use (depend on?) Quicksilver and I’m really looking forward to future installments.

  10. I’ve been really wondering about Punakea, and if anyone is using it to create this sort of system. OSX seems powerful enough in many ways that maybe all these PIM applications are…overkill? A few freeware add-ons, and I wonder if I can basically accomplish the same workflow.

    I’m also wondering if the next Apple OS is going to facilitate this sort of set up even easier.


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