Super Bowl Clips Coming to iTunes

Forget the commercials, the contests, the surrounding fluff: When it comes to the Super Bowl, give me the damn ball. And that’s just what the NFL has decided to do, announcing Tuesday that it will provide Super Bowl video highlights, as well as a 90-minute game report, for download off Apple’s iTunes.

superlogo.jpgSince the NFL has been selling highlight clips on iTunes all season, adding the Super Bowl to the list seems like a predictable, smart move. But unlike the regular season, when the games are largely forgotten by the following Sunday, the Super Bowl is an archival moment, especially for fans of the two teams lucky and skilled enough to make it this far. In my mind’s eye, I can still remember Matt Suhey’s score that got the rout going and the Fridge’s endzone bullrush from the last Bears visit to Super-land. Will I pay $1.99 to download for digital posterity the crowning moment when Brian Urlacher sacks Peyton Manning for a game-winning safety? Just as soon as they post it on iTunes, as long as the site doesn’t freeze up again from all the other Bears fans doing the same thing.

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