WBAI’s Jay Smooth on the DJ Drama Drama

Ever since the story broke that a detachment of SWAT cops decended on an Atlanta recording studio to arrest mixtape legends DJ Drama and Don Cannon on piracy charges, I’ve been looking for an angle appropriate for NewTeeVee — besides the obvious implications for anyone who’s ever assembled clips of audio or video into something new and entertaining.

If you’re not familiar with mixtapes, they’re compilations of new material, freestyle rhymes from guest MCs, remixes of popular tracks and promotional releases included with the permission of the artists. Thankfully, another legendary hip hop DJ, Jay Smooth of New York’s WBAI, has just started up his own vlog and has posted a response to the Atlanta Fox affiliate’s coverage of the crackdown.

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Drama and Cannon are now out of the hoosegow, but a chill has settled on the mixtape industry — one which eagerly promoted the very artists the RIAA claims to be defending, when they aren’t associating content piracy with the drug trade and terrorism.

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