Windows SideShow in a bag, courtesy of Eleksen


I wish I had seen this at CES last week. Eleksen, the folks that make the fabric keyboard / case for UMPCs, have a gadget bag with Windows SideShow support according to Laptoping. Since your device is in the bag, shouldn’t that be ‘Shouldertoping’? Ah….I digress….

The Eleksen Wearable Display Module (WDM) bag will offer nearly 2.5-inches of Windows SideShow antics with seven hardware buttons and a Gigabyte of memory when it hits shoulders later this month. It’s actually a great idea and unique to the other SideShow displays we’ve seen integrated in hardware so far. Think about: without removing your device from the bag, you might see e-mails, contact info or RSS feeds. Hey…until they make a Prada bag with Windows SideShow support, this might be the one to own!

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