New Venice Project Name: ‘Joost’


The Venice Project can’t escape hype, with GigaOM and NewTeeVee no exception. Finally, the online television startup from the founders of Skype has a production name: Joost. Of course, the premature hype streak lives on, as that URL is still password protected.

We have some new screenshots below the jump.

At least now we can promise you no more posts on “the Venice Project” before it actually launches!

But…we did just get a new batch of beta invites, so what the heck, we’ll give them to the first five commenters.


Mark Day

I take it it’s too late to blag a Beta invite, so I will only speculate that the name implies that this is going to be to internet TV what Barry Bonds is to baseball (alledgedly).

On the other hand, if it’s buggy, it begs the question and answer, “Does it work?” “Only joost.”


Web 2.0 names and domains have gotten pretty cartoonish lately, but I gotta admit, Joost has some appeal. I wonder how much “user generated content” will factor into their plan, versus commercial content? I certainly wouldn’t mind finding out about the former…

Thomas Swinney

you can add me to the list of beggars… Thanks in advance!


It sure sounds revolutionary but lets see if it lives up to the hype. I have a feeling we are going to see all the cable/telco’s start implementing monthly bandwidth allotments with products like this coming out.


If you have any extra invites, feel free to throw one my way.

Thanks in advance (even if you don’t)

Liz Gannes

Ok, just sent out a batch of invites to all of you fast commenters.

James Harris

I would like an invite as well please. More than happy to provide a detailed review in exchange.

All the best,

James Harris
CEO and Chief Storyteller
Elemental Interactive / ListenShare


Hello from Korea. the web 2.0 wave is so different in Korea… maybe we are ahead with a somewhat different approach? would love to have an invite.. i love new products.

Attis Bijlani

Looks like it is shaping up to be a good product. Buy reminds me of look that MTV used to use.

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