Sync Google calendar and Outlook with SyncMyCal

If you frequently use both Outlook and Google Calendar for scheduling, and are finding it quite tiresome to always export calendar details and upload them into Google Calendar, you might want to look into SyncMyCal.

SyncMyCal makes this whole process a lot simpler by adding a toolbar into your Outlook application that has the one click ability to synchronize your calendars. You can either choose which calendar you want to synchronize or if you want to do two way updates. The application currently comes in two different versions.

A free Lite version with unlimited events with seven day date range synchronization and a Pro version for $25 with no limitations on sync dates. SyncMyCal is a great option not only for personal use, but for business use as well. Team calendars can be created and shared in Google, or team members can download events from a central Google Calendar version.

Of course you can always use GCalSync on your mobile phone, an open source application that syncs up Google Calendar on your mobile.

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