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The title of this post is the slogan Jeff Croft suggests for the iPhone. Apple is no stranger to poking fun at Redmond, but that would’ve been a bit much. Even still, I like it.

Looking through my News Feeds last night and this morning, I’m almost sick of hearing about the iPhone again/already. I’m in love with the device, but it seems to be all that’s being written about – but I suppose that’s for good reason. At least now it’s reality – and more than most of us could’ve guessed, if that’s not too bold. The frustrating part is that most of the commentary is the same:

“There’s no 3G!”
“Not until June??”
“Why Cingular? I don’t have Cingular. Cingular sucks!”

But I have found a couple of insightful and useful comments about the phone that seem to be few and far between. Jeff Croft’s is one of them. His analytical skills clearly trump mine, as he surmises that we actually did get a Leopard Preview yesterday. Notice that we never heard that the iPhone runs a stripped version of OS X? And notice that the release date is June, which is widely believed to be the ship date for Leopard? Seems pretty solid a deduction to me.

Croft makes another great point in the inclusion of widgets on the iPhone. While they’re hit or miss for full size computers, Widgets could be huge for mobile computing. He points out the ‘why’ as being the simplicity with which most anyone could craft a Dashboard widget and make it available for their own – or widespread – use on Apple’s iPhone. Developing apps (albeit, simple ones) for mobile devices just opened up for anyone who wants to spend a day figuring it out.

Croft’s article
is a good one, and I highly recommend the read. There’s more there than I’ve touched on, so don’t skip it thinking I covered everything.

Jason Kottke put together a great post as well. He took the size specs of the phone and created a mock version for sizing comparisons. He posts several photos of the iPhone next to other devices you’re probably familiar with, making it extremely obvious how big (or rather, small) the iPhone and all its glory actually are.

I’m still waiting for someone smarter than I to figure out how exactly Apple named it the iPhone, when we’re all aware that Cisco has a product also named the iPhone. I’ll keep thinking on that, but invite your comments on the subject. Until then – or the next brainstorm I have – I’ll do my best not to add to the excess of iPhone posts on the internet.

EDIT: Grant alluded to it in the Comments. Here’s the story on Cisco and Apple working out the iPhone naming stuff.

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