Now the patents make sense: the iPhone

Iphone The whole iPhone announcement has me wondering if we went to the wrong show!  Ah… at least the patents make sense now. Remember what we saw from the Patent Office last year? Multi-touch screens, proximity sensors, zooming via touch…it’s in the new iPod, er iPhone.

Putting OS X in the phone is a wise decision for at least two reasons: people will need the stability and peace of mind to know their phone will "just work". The ability to easily develop apps for the phone is a huge plus as well.

Personally, I’m a little disappointed in the price (as well as the EDGE support) but Apple smartly made this phone to be the next iPod so you’re getting the convergence benefit. Even without the phone features, the higher res landscape capable screen offers more iPod fun.

Now the question I have is: what’s next for the Zune line? Remember, the Zune runs on Windows Mobile so adding phone capability from a software standpoint isn’t a stretch. There’s no touchscreen on a Zune either so don’t expect a fully competitive product with the first gen line. Can Microsoft counter-punch the iPhone before Apple sells 10 million units by 2008 as predicted?

Question #2: is the iPhone what a Windows Mobile should have been by now?  Crossbow, the next Win Mo version is basically a done deal, so Microsoft might really be behind the 8-ball at this point.

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