Making life on the go easier with Yahoo! Go 2.0

yahoo go

Yahoo recently launched the Yahoo! Go 2.0 Beta. This new mobile application allows users to conveniently connect to email, news, and photos. I tried this out on my Blackberry and MotoRazr phones, and Yahoo has done a nice job at interface design with this application, giving mobile users a simple and easy to use mobile location where all information can be easily accessed.

Yahoo! Go! is a simple 597KB download. However it did seem to chug when installing it on the Blackberry. When installed, users scroll through the different widgetized menu option using what Yahoo calls a carousel, a preview of the section displays overhead or to the side, depending on screen size. With a click of a button, you are brought to the section and instantly connected to your chosen data. Everything Yahoo is at your fingertips here. Use One Search to search for anything online, including images and movie showtimes. View maps, city guides and what happening around you with Local and Maps. Pull in emails with an easy to use synced email inbox.

Create personal news feeds. Track favorite sporting teams with sports headlines and tickers. Pull in a finance watchlist, market summaries, and financial news feeds. Celebrity and entertainment gossip are also only a click away. However, my two favorite sections are the Weather and Flickr areas. You are connected to your Flickr account when you log in and can share, view and search photos here. Its great for showing off your photo feeds when on the go. I always have to know the weather, and what better way than on your mobile device. Since Yahoo! Go is hooked up to your Yahoo profile, all of the information it displays is area specific. So a click into the weather section displays your city presets and shows you the forecast.

yahoo go

Way to go Yahoo! Looks like they are on the move to claim some valuable mobile application space. Yahoo! Go 2.0 is a great clean easy to use application to have on your mobile device, especially if you have a data plan, which is highly recommended. I’m not sure how much data this application pulls in, but im sure it is quite a bit, especially if you have your Yahoo email set so that it’s constantly pulling in and checking for emails.

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