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Sometimes a simple photo says a thousand words. So instead of a clumsy blog post, here it is….



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  1. iPhone looks really sweet…another killer design from Apple…they never cease to amaze…

  2. The HTC rocks – Re iPhone, i have my doubts about how well the QWERTY keyboard will work in reality, most people seem to forget that it’s the most crucial feature off the phone.

  3. Mitchel Tyrell Tuesday, January 9, 2007

    Well, it certainly is shiny. Given the cost, I think that I’ll take the wait and see approach. This could be another device that attempts to do a lot of things, and yet does none of them well.

  4. Om, If you would have kept just the photo of iPhone, that itself also would have said a 1000 words.

    I bow down to Jobs & Apple. Boy, I was seduced in like 2 seconds I saw the photos.

    jobs sab ka baap hai !!

  5. Satish Mummadi Tuesday, January 9, 2007

    WOW! That was a great Keynote today…I love the iPhone.

    What about Business Applications??? I need Office Suite on iPhone…

    anyway, I would be one of the first buyers of iPhone..

  6. Three anchors that prevent me from buying the phone;

    1. Handcuffed to Cingular (for 2 years no less)
    2. Storage capacity too limited
    3. Price

    Give me the same device, minus the phone, with 20 to 30 gb at $400 – $450 and I’m sold.

    Have a version that works on Verizon’s nework and depending on the price without the 2 year contract I may be sold.

    Apple has limited its market by anchoring it down with too many limitations.

  7. Jeffrey McPheeters Tuesday, January 9, 2007

    First iPod only had 5GB. Key with iPhone and future media players will be flash type memory, solid state. No drives. This is very important, especially in a phone as it gets picked up and passed around more than mp3 players, sometimes suddenly and are dropped way more often. Also, with the direction of flash memory, it’s not going to be very long before we seel 20-30GB models available, probably within 18 months.

    Also, MOST users really are finding that 4-8GB is plenty for the way they use the devices. We really don’t want to ‘lose’ 30GB worth of music on a device when we can get it re-synced so easily to get just what we really want for the occassion. Some people do want large storage amounts, but they tend to be for specialized purposes, such as a photographer might want, and there are better solutions out there for those specialized needs. Apple isn’t attempting to make a 1 size fits all device. They want to get it into the hands of a broad cross-section of users, so it’s positioned to appeal to that group.

  8. Yes, it’s arguably $100 too expensive. $199 for 4GB nano, and $199-299 for good phone, and minus $50 for the larger-than-nano form factor. But it’s just out the door. It’ll be around the right price by the time Christmas rolls around.

    The potential however is astounding. With wifi and bluetooth and Mac OS X, there’s so much this thing could do in the future. For example, run Keynote or Preview while docked to a projector with a bluetooth remote.

  9. You would be in deep shit if you left your iPhone on the train seat. The finder would have everything in one package.
    Also, just curious about how well these buttonless touch screen devices comply with any disability requirements?

  10. Ummm. Where are all the Apple fans who were screaming “I don’t want an integrated device.” Yea that’s what I thought. Now that they have to toe the line that bullcrap argument isn’t heard anymore

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