The Steve Jobs keynote is going on at Macworld…surprisingly also called iPhone.
– Jobs says it combines iPod, phone, internet communicat…

The Steve Jobs keynote is going on at Macworld…surprisingly also called iPhone.
– Jobs says it combines iPod, phone, internet communicator….it has a touch-screen which uses a new Apple technology called multi-touch. And it runs on Mac OS X.
– It will sync songs/all media from iTunes, as well as contacts/calendar/notes etc. Has a 2 megapixel camera. It is being launched in conjunction with Cingular, as expected.
Other features: Quad-band GSM + EDGE phone, with WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0 built in. 8 GB storage capacity. Widescreen video.
– More description from iLounge: One-touch conference calling. SMS texting — text messages with multiple sessions for multiple people at once. Keyboard does error prevention and correction. Powerful photo features. Safari web browser. Rich HTML email works with IMAP and POP. Google Maps. Weather, calculator, stock widgets. Yahoo to provide free Push IMAP email service for iPhone users.
Google: Apple has developed the phone in partnership with Google….this is the fantasy world of millions of Apple fanboys come true. Uses Google search and Google Maps. CEO Eric Schimdt made a short presentation.
Yahoo: Also Yahoo search (its new OneSearch product), Yahoo Go and mail services are build in. Jerry Yang gave a short presentation as well.
The cost: 4GB model for $499 and 8GB model for $599, with two year Cingular contract. Will ship in June, and will sell in Apple and Cingular stores. Still needs FCC approval.
– This will not be an MVNO, and Apple has a multi-year exclusive deal with Cingular.
Targets: Out of the 1 billion units to be shipped in 2008, it expects a one percent market share in 2008…meaning 10 million units.

  1. Well done Steve Jobs. 2007 is perfect timing for the iPhone – the world is so ready for it. I dont think it could of been launched any earlier…

  2. Does it come with a hand shaped cradle and a to-scale Steve Jobs action figure? Then the fan boys can relive that first orgasmic photo when they finally get what they've been wanting for years… actually I guess they'll have to wait til it's approved by the relevant government bodies so plenty of time yet to order the action figures from the Chinese sweatshops

    Does look slick enough to sell even if it has no battery life and a shitty UI though, and you've got to hope it won't have either of those things. Should carve a nice niche out in the higher end of the market and hopefully give S60 and Windows Mobile a massive kick up the arse, and as it's GSM they can even have a sensible operator strategy when it reaches the civilised world.

  3. All that to have en EDGE chip – why not go 3G Mr jobs? That is where the action is and the bandwidth users want.

  4. Heck, by October in time for Xmas for he'll be revealing 3G, 16 GB flash, smaller, thinner, lighter with more battery life. :) I'm not whining about Edge, I'd be whining about Cingular not having a decent upgrade plan.

  5. Cingular is the only sensible network – good coverage and global GSM standard. (Can use iPhone overseas). no 3G is sad, but I'm sire an upgrade will come. People using it for demos will always try to find a WiFi hotspot.

    Looks are nice, but I expect usability as a phone will suffer due to lack of hard buttons. A touch screen needs you to look at it, which is really bad when you are walking, driving, dozing or just trying to use your phone with one hand.

    Wonder if it will get to 1% share? A hard job. Blackberry is only 0.6%. Smart phones are a real niche market. Devices like the Nokia N95 (better networking, nice screen better camera, GPS, more storage, nice buttons etc etc) will be selling by the millions well ahead and cheaper. (Mine is arriving free on contract next month)

    Expect the crisp usability will set new goals and get people aspiring to copy / emulate – will hopefully improve browsing experience on other mobiles.

    Looking forward to the upgrades…

    Well done Steve. I wonder if its enough to stop your rapidly declining market share in MP3 players (assuming you cound the 280million MP3 playing mobiles that shipped in 2006, and the 670million that will ship in 2008


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