HP Pavilion tx1000: slick, sleek and svelte


We hit up the HP booth and found this demo unit of the new HP tablet chained to a table. Of course, we had to play with it, as evidenced above. The HP Pavilion tx 1000 Tablet PC was running Windows Vista quite nicely on the bright 12-inch screen. I picked the unit up as well and found it to be a tad heavier than I expected; it felt like a 3.5 pound tablet even though it looks like it should weigh less. Then again, I flew in yesterday and my arms are still tired. When I was holding it, I did see some nicey-nice features that made up for my weak arms.

We almost overlooked the integrated webcam at the top of the screen (when in traditional landscape mode) shown here.


This nubby-like touchpad looked good and gave our fingers a nice massage while using it. Hey: we’re all about comfortable computing.


There’s enough ports on the side to keep you happy and mobile; although the picture angle doesn’t really show it, the screen is thinner than it looks.


Here’s the full view money shot. Looks like a nice Tablet; at this point I’ve heard nothing specific on price or availability, but we’ll update when we can of course. This is definitely a convertible I’d love to demo and review, so HP: if you can spare one, I’ll be here through Friday. ;)


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