Smart way to store and manage your contacts

How do you store and manage your business and personal contacts? Ensuring these contacts can be accessed across multiple platforms, from online, desktop, and mobile devices, because you never know when you are going to have the need to make contact with an individual? Do you utilize a few different options and import and export to all of them? Or do you tend to only use one application and export to a mobile device that you have on hand at all times?

I find myself utilizing Outlook for contacts, and then exporting to mobile devices. The only problem there is updating contact information. That’s why Plaxo is a location to be looked into. Your contacts make changes to their information, and you are immediately notified of the changes. (If they choose to notify you.) Thus ensuring you have the latest up to date contact information. I had started using this route, but found it tiresome and too time consuming to add contacts in that didn’t have Plaxo accounts. What are the business and personal contact storage managing solutions that you employ?

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