Where to Find Good Video: Vidmeter

Vidmeter is a new tool for monitoring popular online video by aggregating the number of times a video is seen across 10 of the most popular video sites. It’s officially launching Wednesday.

Vidmeter was created by one-man Website machine Bri Holt. Holt recently sold his Socialmeter tool, which measured popularity for Web sites, to social bookmarking startup Adaptive Blue. Now he’s out to create the Billboard 100 of online video. For now, it seems to be a fun project. If it gets popular…well, then it’ll be a company.

Holt’s methodology differs from competitors such as Viral Video Chart and Technorati, which track links to videos posted on just a few sites, aggregated once every day or two. Vidmeter is initially monitoring Break.com, Daily Motion, Google Video, iFilm, Metacafe, MySpace, Revver, vSocial, Yahoo Video, and YouTube, updating with stats from each site’s feed about once an hour.

That’s not to say Vidmeter’s technical methodology is superior. Holt (currently with a little help from a friend) manually goes through and combines stats on duplicates of any video. That means sifting through 18 different versions of Saturday Night Live’s Dick in a Box video on YouTube alone, he said.

Vidmeter also has to rely on unaudited reports of viewing totals from the various sites. Holt admits that the definition of a “view” varies; Revver only registers a count if a video is seen through to the end (where its post-roll ad sits), and YouTube apparently only tallies one view per IP address.

We especially like that Vidmeter provides embeddable widgets for today’s top videos and all-time top videos at launch, as well as a bookmarklet that can be used to check how popular a video is without visiting Vidmeter.

Holt said he plans to soon add more network comparison analytics as well as hand-filtered categories so users can sort through their favorite subset of online video. “I’m interested in professional videos, but often in the top 100 it’s filled with…basically, girls…I don’t know a better way to put it,” he said. Yeah, we know. Girls can get annoying.

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