Do you have a special location where you take off to when some serious work needs to get done? Is there one location where you would deem your most productive location? Is it your local cafe? Or a neighborhood park? Or just some kind of public […]

Do you have a special location where you take off to when some serious work needs to get done? Is there one location where you would deem your most productive location? Is it your local cafe? Or a neighborhood park? Or just some kind of public location? Do you require your productive space to be a quiet, tranquil, and calming?

Personally, I always find that familiar places to be productive. My home office is my number one location and I actually enjoy working there, and get the most done without the distractions of a more public location. However, when the time comes for getting down with some serious creative thinking, those noisy, busy locations like a cafe or public locations seem to work just fine for some inspiration. How do you work?

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  1. Sal Cangeloso Tuesday, January 2, 2007

    I would say that if it’s not your home office you are in trouble. Starbucks or a local coffee shop are great, but they close early and have other problems- like expensive food and long bathroom lines.

    I would be interested in learning how many web workers/freelancers/etc have actually rented out office space and how their experiences with that have been though…

  2. Janko Roettgers Tuesday, January 2, 2007

    I can’t say it often enough: Libraries are awesome spaces for some intense working. Everyone around you is doing the same, quiet and concentrated.

    My personal favourite is the Santa Monica Public Library, which offers free Wifi, multiple AC outlets at every table, a light, modern space and a decent courtyard cafe for those well-deserved breaks.

  3. Anywhere WITHOUT an internet connection.

    I’m finding a much greater increase in productivity without an internet connection.

  4. For the past 8 months, we have been renting out space about 35 minutes away from my house and I HATE IT! That’s over an hour of commuting every day, then working in the office when the majority of your clients are either available via e-mail or phone. Not too mention that it is about an extra $1,000/month in expense that is very unneccessary.

    I made the very unpopular/popular decision to not renew the lease as of Jan 31st and I am making all my staff work from home. Some liked it, some did not. I am sorry, but they get a paycheck regardless how much or little the expenses are. Since I have moved my office back into the home, I don’t feel bad for working until 2am (since driving home then sucked), I don’t feel bad for taking a corporate nap because I worked until 2am, and I am all around just more comfortable.

    Now its just time to give my staff all the resources needed to succeed from home. We are currently testing out a lot of different online software options in order to see which ones will best suite our needs.

    Working with a client? I prefer to meet for coffee or Starbucks. That’s easiest and it makes that $5 cup of java seem cheap when you are paying $1,000 a month in rent.

  5. Being a desktop computer user, I don’t have the luxury of doing my blog or my work at a cafe, or at least I thought. Most of the time, I’m in my dreaded cubicle or in my home office. Last Thursday, I printed out an ebook (something about paper in hand) and took it over to the local coffee house (not a Starbucks). It’s a busy place, but not in a bad way. There’s a buzz of community energy there and the place is filled with comfy chairs and couches. I plopped down on an overstuffed chair with a chai latte in hand and began reading. I can’t remember the last time I sat in one place and read for so long. It made me think of trading in my desktop for a laptop.

  6. I’m a blogger for Weblogs, Inc., and I find my hardest times are definitely at home. If I had a dedicated home office, it’d be one thing, but since I have a two bedroom apartment with two folks occupying it, it’s pretty rough to find anywhere that is either quiet or productive. Currently, i’m rocking out on my home couch, although it’s not the best since I’ve got a TV in front of me tuned to anything else except the topic I should be writing about.

  7. My most productive place to work is in my home office. I work in a (regular) office all day, but very infrequently, I am allowed to work from home. When I do, I get more work done than I do in the regular office. It’s a combination of being more at peace at home and having less distractions.

  8. by far my home office – it has everything i need and is far more comfortable than my on-site office. i love waking up – heading in there with a warm cup of coffee and getting to it. working in public isnt very effective for me, so i generally dont do it.

  9. I’m most productive at home, but I do find when the project is intriguing I can do it anywhere. One of my best was produced almost entirely on a hillside overlooking the Third Beach here in Vancouver. It’s critical to line up good places to meet clients that aren’t too noisy: seven years of working at Starbucks taught me there are times of the day when that should be your LAST choice. Quiet and privacy are critical, as well as an un-rushed ambiance; I like the upper level of the courthouse downtown, a huge atrium with sofas and coffee tables, and open to the public until 4pm. If the meeting goes long, well there’s always the Starbucks across the street!

  10. I love my bedroom. And sometimes a restaurant here in Mexico: Sanborns.

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