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  1. In case you were wondering about the map – orange dots represent the readers of gigaom. this map comes via google analytics.

  2. Jawad (Shuzak) Sunday, December 31, 2006

    Happy New Year everybody!

  3. All the best to the team for 2007, and to all your readers.

  4. Om and tean, Happy New Year!!!
    Keep up the gr8 work!

  5. Happy New Year!!

  6. Thanks guys. wishing you the same and vowing to work harder to get your attention :-)

  7. Happy New Year and thanks for all the inspiration

  8. Yes! Montreal’s on the map!

    I’d like to extend the new year holiday greetings to everyone here and especially to young Canadian entrepreneurs who work very hard on their concepts and startups, trying to make it in the big GYM world. It is not exactly easy to accomplish things here (funding and weather wise), but its all worth it at the end. Keep being inspired and persistent.


  9. Happy New Year from all the Asterisk VoIP News team also. Keep the good content coming.


  10. Thanks guys… now it is time to get back to work. the holidays are finally over.

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