Xslimmer Revisited

A few weeks ago I mentioned my reservations about Xslimmer, which I got for free from the MacAppADay promotion. Several people chimed-in with the same fears, so I definitely was not alone in my paranoia. But I backed my system up, launched Xslimmer, and dove in head first.

I went through just about all of my Applications folder (with a few exceptions) and slimmed down a ton. A feature I’d request would be to see a log of those things I’ve slimmed, as well as MB totals (something like TextExpander that shows you how much time you’ve saved, for instance). Anyhow, It saved me around 100mb. Not HUGE, but a nice chunk, and larger than I expected.

An immediate observation was that upon launching Firefox, it was a lot snappier. Loaded up quickly, and launched several tabs much faster than it had pre-Xslimmer. So the light bulb went on…I put Photoshop CS3 in Xslimmer, and it previewed a nearly 50% slim-down – about 140mb. The final count was a 100mb slim-down. Launching Photoshop CS3 before Xslimmer clocked-in at around 6-8 seconds on my 2ghz/2gb MacBook. A huge improvement over the non-Universal CS2. After being run through Xslimmer, Photoshop CS3 now opens in 3 seconds flat. Sweeeeet.

So I guess you could say, I’m now sold on Xslimmer. Speeding a Photoshop launch to 3 seconds totally put me over the top.

EDIT: Stian had a good point in the comments. I re-opened PS CS3 without rebooting, which used OS X’s cache which made it appear to launch quicker. Though even after rebooting, It still fell to a solid 5 second launch time vs the previous 6-8 seconds. Any improvement is good with me!

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