Tablet TIP tip: ensuring the tip works with text fields


Demetri just left a question in our comments that’s probably worth answering in a post; I’m sure other folks could use this "tip" on the Tablet Input Panel (TIP). Here’s Demetri’s question:

"I am unable to fill out gmail with the TIP. Does anyone have a "tip" on enabling the TIP in gmail?"

It’s not just Gmail where this issue occurs in my experience. Various text fields have just stayed blank on me when I try to insert handwritten text from the TIP. Turns out, there’s a setting that’s tucked away in XP to solve the problem, so you’ll want to check here first.

Hit up your Control Panel in XP and then tap on "Regional and Language Options". You should see three tabs: tap the second tab, titled "Languages":


Tap the "Details" button to see the "Text Services and Input Languages" dialog that shows you the installed advanced text service features:


Choose the second tab here, it’s called "Advanced":


The first checkbox activates advanced text services, ink in this case, for programs that normally wouldn’t support it. Make sure this box is checked and ensure that the second checkbox is not checked. Click OK, which might prompt for a system reboot. One you’ve rebooted, give Gmail another try!

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