Feedback: SuperDuper! Tips

I have a confession to make. I’m back-up challenged. See, I backup my system like a good boy, and generally run it about every 2 weeks. But I never really understand exactly what my backup tool – SuperDuper! – is doing based on whichever settings I use from week to week. The result is different drives, with several copies of the same things, but from different dates. It’s just a mess.

I know there’s a better way to perform my backups, but I’d like to better understand what I’m doing with the tool first. I imagine there’s plenty of others out there who aren’t quite sure the best approach to this as well, so how about helping us out?

I’d love to hear some explanation – in small words that someone like me can follow – about the main backup options that SuperDuper! offers. Like the Backup and Sandbox choices. Also, how do you use the ‘During Copy’ options? And especially the Advanced Options which I’ve never even played with. What scripts do you use there?

Typically I like to provide the insight on cool stuff like this, but I’m not afraid to ask those who may know more than I do. (You’d be surprised how often that is….) I look forward to your responses!

EDIT: I know Raheel wrote about SuperDuper! here on TAB, recently, but I want to hear from you on your setups and explanation of the features. Thanks.

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